Monday, June 30, 2008

Our busy weekend!!

As of Saturday we have a home in Wagoner, Oklahoma. It is bigger than our current home, which is approx. 1,4oo sq. ft.---our new home is 1,750 sq. ft. God is good and knows just what we need. Just pray I can utilize the ingenuity that God gave me to decorate the home and situate it so that Jeremiah can have space for his office.We spent all day packing and got quite a bit done! So I am exhausted! In some ways I want to drag my feet so we can stay here in Ca. longer, yet at the same time I am eager to get started in this new life God has placed us.

Last night(Sunday night) I had to say goodbye to some friends who are leaving for vacation, being that we will be moved when they return. On Sundays, I am always exhausted and therefore emotionally drained. When you are tired (and leaving dear friends) anything can set me to crying!

One of my teen girls gave me a portrait she had painted and I must say she did an excellent job!I am so proud to hang it in my new home and show it off to visitors.
Also I must create a collage of the teens and church folk and every time I walk by it I will remember the wonderful memories we made in Ca.

This past weekend we camped out at Lake Chabot. It is a beautiful area! You feel you are miles from civilization when you are only 10 min. from Castro Valley, a pretty busy city.
As always the kids get so filthy---but it is nice just to sit and relax with no household chores hounding you, all your friends nearby to chat with and plenty of games to play.

We camped Thursday - Saturday afternoon. Our Odyssey was loaded to the max with food and gear. We had more church families come out on Thursday night than any years previous! Friday night we usually have a bonfire under the amphitheater, Jeremiah plays his guitar and leads the singing and I get to play my harmonica's (and not sing for a change!).
This yr. because of all the wildfires in Ca. the Rangers would not allow us to start a fire---but we still had a fun time of singing, testimonies and preaching.
I did not hike this yr. because Evelyn was running a high fever (teething) and Esther was horribly constipated so I was continually walking back and forth to the outhouse with her!!

It does get cold at night there---but we bundled up in sleeping bags and rested reasonably well.
Our pastor does not use a tent, only a sleeping bag on the bare ground---but we rough it on an air mattress:)

All in all we had fantastic and busy weekend!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

San Francisco Zoo Trip

Although I should have been packing for our upcoming move (how fun!); Monday, I decided to take the blessing God had placed in our lap and take a day trip with the kids.
We were given tickets to the SF Zoo (I had never been) with a free parking pass, and enough tickets to ride the steam train and carousel! We had a blast!
Jeremiah did not accompany us, as this is his last week working for Lighthouse Baptist Church.
So I asked a friend to come along--our kids play well together(most of the time!).
Evelyn did not feel well. She is teething and had a horrible fever. She was fine as long as I left her in the stroller. The zoo is directly across from the Pacific Ocean. We could feel the mist as we walked into the entrance. Talk about freezing!

I took some great pics of the animals! The animals have never cooperated for me before, so I was thrilled.

The kids enjoyed the petting zoo. Enoch has gotten so much better around animals, Esther is still a little wary. They really enjoyed brushing the goats.

Jenny and her daughters Ellen and Kimberly came with us. It's hard to keep up with four energetic kids, especially when they know everything and fear nothing!

We braved the cold winds and went to the ocean.
I have always loved the ocean!! I wish we could have stayed a while, but it was so cold and it had been a long day for all of us (not to mention Evelyn not feeling well).

You can see more of the these pics on my page!!

Today, I stayed home and sorted through most of the boxes of children's clothes that I have stored in the garage. I could start my own children's consignment store (no joke!). We have been truly blessed---God has always supplied for the needs of our family (as those clothes can attest).
I want to have a yard sale to purge myself of these mounds of clothes and have some extra cash to decorate the new homestead.
Well, I have had a productive day and I am super exhausted---I'm ready to head to the bunkhouse (I am practicing my Oklahoma/cowboy lingo).

Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Blog Post

Hello! We desire to be a blessing and encouragement to all who read this blog.
Though the title says 'Adventures in Oklahoma'---we do not reside in OK. yet, but we will within a few weeks (Lord willing)!
The Blasi family has lived in the San Francisco bay area for over five years (my husband was an assistant pastor and it is our firm belief that God has called us to a small pastorate in Wagoner, OK. (
This is a tremendous step of faith for our family!
I have the inner joy knowing that we are in God's perfect will; but human sorrow in leaving old friends and the familiar.
We are currently looking for housing via Internet and some church folks in the area are looking through Realtors.