Saturday, July 19, 2008

We Are Okie's!

Many things have occurred since my last post. We said the many, many goodbyes to all our friends in Ca. They gave us quite a generous love offering the last Wednesday night we were there and I was an emotional wreck. We had the best teens at Lighthouse (and I'm praying we will here too). The Monday before we left they all came over and helped us pack and load the truck---I wouldn't have gotten so much done if it hadn't been for them!! The LBC teens have always been hard-workers and willing helpers. I shall always cherish the time we had together.

The trip to Oklahoma wasn't without its drama. We pulled out of Pleasanton, Ca. at nine on Thursday (July 10th) morning (after having breakfast with the Lyons and Brysons), but did not make it out of Ca. as planned due to a completely shredded tire on the car trailer.
This happened in the Mojave Desert, the same area where we had a flat the yr. we took the teens to Flagstaff, Arizona. So ,of course, it was scorching hot and the breeze was not a cool ocean wind, but one of heated misery.

Friday we made it through Arizona, bypassing the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest, and again spent the night in New Mexico. What a beautiful country our God has created for our enjoyment!
It did not take us long to get thru Texas and then to our new home in Oklahoma.....the only problem was we had received a call on the trip telling us that the house we were planning to rent had been sold!!! I was quite dismayed, but kept it under control (somewhat).

This whole week we have been staying with the only other young couple in our new church (they have an 8th month old boy) ,while we have been looking for a place to buy. Yes, I said buy!
God has greatly blessed us with the opportunity to buy a home ( something we'd thought would be possible in a yr. or two!).
So, last weekend we went into many homes...those for rent or on the market and phew! what homes we have seen! Homes with no rhyme or reason to the floor plan, others beautifully laid out. We have seen trailers with so many add-ons they end up being 2,000 sq. ft and homes so tiny that I'd feel like a hamster!
But boy am I loving the prices!! We didn't see 70,000 dollar 3 BDRM homes in Ca.
We have a home that we feel is as good first home, but we are still waiting on loans and so many other things that go into buying a home.

It will be about a month or longer before I can unpack all my familiar things. Patience does not come easy to me. My creative juices are flowing, yet I have no palette (home) on which to bestow it!
It has been a quiet week for me---the kids have at my In-Laws house only two hrs. away (it's nice to be near family again). So I have been exploring the area and finding my way around. Anyone who knows me assumes by now that I know where most of the thrift stores are---ding!ding!ding! you are correct!

We just had our first Wednesday night service this past week. More people were there than usual---checking out the new pastor and all. Jeremiah was unable to print out his sermon notes, so he had to preach with his laptop on the pulpit. The folks were probably thinking,"those Ca. people are sooo modern."
I have gotten some funny looks from people with my Ca. tags still on the van. Jeremiah already has his Ok. license and tags---I will get mine this coming week.
All in all it has been a busy week, except I don't know what to do with myself with no housework to do or children to take care for!!!
Pray that we can get a loan and get into a home quickly---I am soo ready to decorate!!

Born and raised a Virginia Girl, I adore Tennessee, I grew to love California and even without mountains I already like Oklahoma (except the chiggers!!!)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Packing Up!

We have done some major packing since Monday. A lot has been accomplished, but there is a ways to go!! We have been overly blessed in the United States. Before we migrated (being a redneck makes me a foreigner:) to Ca. we thought "How are we going to make it there?!!"
The cost of living is expensive in the Bay area and other parts of the state. But how wonderfully the Lord has provided for me and my family. My kids have always had enough clothes (and then some), we have nicer (and more) furniture than we did before and Our Odyssey is the newest vehicle we have ever owned (and we didn't pay a dime for it!).
Also we had some major debt (college stuff) and to the glory of God I'd say within the next yr. and a half we should be completely debt free!!
God has been so good to us---He has always brought people into our lives just when we needed then or vise versa.

In Oklahoma, God has already provided a home for us and Best Buy called Jeremiah the other day wanting an we'll see about that.
We want to do God's will; to do anything else would be disastrous!!
Yes,IT IS hard leaving friends and seeing them cry in your going---but it would be worse rejecting what God has ordained for your life. Like the song says "There's joy in following Jesus..."