Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wall Pops!!

In a previous post I had mentioned that Jeremiah bought me two white basic wardrobe closets from Lowes. In my master bedroom I am doing black and white decor--but these closets were just PLAIN white, but no longer, my friends!! I love to decorate and I love to craft. But I have not time right now for extensive crafts--Voila!! Wall Pops. These humongous stickers make it super easy to jazz up anything.
You can find some to your liking at http://www.walldecorshops.com/groupwallpops.html
As they say on those decorating shows it took this wardrobe from drab to fab!

The lighting in this house is in desperate need of updating, which we will get to one day I hope. I am eager to get many things done, but being a home owner gives me a settled feeling knowing we can take our time.
Thanks for tuning in to DIY :)


I have been busy over the last week--- getting situated and finding a place for everything.
Just yesterday I drove to Bixby, OK to pick up an office chair that I found on Craigslist for Jeremiah. I bought it for $30! I will post pics of his wonderful office desk when we ever get it cleared of debris (that may be never :) ).

And Sunday evening Jeremiah picked this nice hall tree up for me that we also bought off Craigslist. This piece was $80, but everything I browsed online was $160 and more plus shipping! This home doesn't have a coat closet---so I figured this would help.
I know everyone back home (yes, I call Cali home) has been eager to see some pics of our new home, but I have been so busy that these are the only few I have taken so far.My kitchen has not been painted yet, but the cabinets were graciously painted by a man in our church who does it for a living. I think they turned out simply gorgeous! It really brightened the kitchen up considerably. The kitchen will be painted the same color as the dinning room, which is a fern green.

Melanie's painting is beautifully framed (thanks to the local Hobby Lobby store) and will look great in the dinning room. Incidentally, if you have never been in a Hobby Lobby store you don't know what you've been missing!!

Well folks, I have lots to get finished before my family arrives on Thursday so I will bid you Adios'

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Office work and no training wheels!!

Just a quick note....
Today Jeremiah is off work and he is already making the rounds to the hardware store and Lowe's to get my closets and the fixture to hook up the water to the Fridge and extra paint for the office. He took the oldest two with him so that I am able to paint the two largest walls in the office while Evelyn is taking her morning nap.

Yesterday evening was rather fun for the kids. Enoch rode up and down the road on his bike; while Esther practiced riding her bike WITHOUT training wheels. There is a little slope in our front yard that makes it easy to learn to keep balance. She has the idea after her first attempt. As soon as she woke up this morning, she was already begging to "practice" her new found skill.
Evelyn acted like she owned the place and I had to catch her two or three times as she made her way down the rode.
They met a neighbor girl about Esther's age and became acquainted with her and her puppy.
Incidentally, I want to get a puppy, now that we have our own home.
I absolutely love daschunds!! They are cute and compact (well, in a loooonnnggg package!) and they have such fine hair that it won't be all over the place.
I'm thinking next yr. would be a good time to get a dog--we'll be pretty much situated by that time.

Well, I must go and paint these two walls while my cantaloupe eating baby is taking a nap. That kid can really eat!! She is constantly pointing at something in the cupboards and saying "pease!?"
Who can resist that sweet baby talk?
She can now say "gam-MA!" (grandma), "Eee-Naw" (Enoch), "Tetter" (Esther), "papa", "yaya"(Josiah), "Hi", "bye", "why", "no", "Me-maw" and of course mommy, daddy and please.

God has been good to us and he is still here is the red-neck village I find myself in :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Getting it together

Our home is coming together slowly. Just today Jeremiah bought a huge solid mahogany desk and credenza off of www. craigslist.org for a fraction what it would have been to buy a laminate one! It is rather large, but great for spreading out all his books for studying.
Many family members are coming to Jeremiah's ordination service on the 20th--so that is my incentive to get this house partially complete.
There will be about ten preachers coming to "grill" him, I think I will be more nervous than he is.
I also ordered a bench for the front porch and one of those leaning ladder shelves for the living room (I like having something for the family to place their shoes on as they come through the front door). As soon as rooms come together I will post pics of them.

Esther will be six on the 18th, so we will take advantage of family being in town and have a BBQ for her and her uncle, whose birthday is also the same week.
My parents will be coming from Va. and bringing along my youngest sister and my Mema.
She is the only grandparent that I have left, since my grandpa died last summer.
This past March was the first time Mema had seen Evelyn. Evelyn took to her immediately--it was so cute! My niece, Molly and Evelyn are only a week apart and were both named after my grandmother. Molly was the nickname the Pepa always called Mema and Evelyn's middle name is Ruth which is her true name. So Mema was tickled pink (whatever that means!?) to have two great granddaughters named after her!

Well, the kids are napping so I must take advantage of this time to work on putting things away in my bedroom. There is only one closet in the master bedroom, so my husband has promised to get a couple of wardrobes by Tuesday so that I can have a place to put my clothes.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Settling in......finally!!

We are finally getting out of our suitcases, well--almost. I still have boxes around the house, but they are slowly diminishing.
So much has happened in the last month. We played a waiting game for the bank loan and the closing on the house. Though I was impatient, God had everything in control. We moved into out home on Labor day. How fitting-huh! 'Cause we sure did labor that day and everyday since. But with ten men from the church helping the moving process went fairly quickly.
Now I am just finding spots for everything.
Prior to moving we stayed at three different homes, two of which were members. The last house was a guest home down at the Lake --so we felt like we were vacationing. The only downfall we experienced was having no cell phone reception or Internet access.

The kids have totally converted to country living. Enoch is constantly running through the door excitedly showing the new bug, frog or turtle that has now become his pet. Of course with so much handling that his pets receive they only last a day before meeting their maker.
This whole week the children have been in Oklahoma City with Grandma and Papa giving me time to unpack as much as I can.
Jeremiah's workplace is very near that he is able to come home for lunch most days.

The dynamics of our home will change much this year, with Jeremiah having an office at home and homeschooling the children.
I for one have not totally converted to OK. living. I was not exactly thrilled to find roaches had taken up residence in my new home. My unpacking goes something likes this: open a box, take things out, eek! stomp, stomp, spray spray......

I am super lonely. There are not many people, in our church, my age or that I can relate to; nor do I have the influx of babysitters that I had in Ca.
So that means no time to myself and no dates or getaways with hubby.
Please pray for me to keep joyous through these new challenges and to truly care and love the people God has placed over.