Friday, October 31, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Update on Ladies event!

It was too busy for me last two weeks to post anything. I was in a flurry getting ready for my Ladies Get-together. I am glad to report that everything went well!! The ladies had a great time and we had plenty of left-over pie for everyone.
I had a couple paper games and I used Rachel's "You've been tagged" idea to make a list of things about me, so the Ladies would get an idea of what they've gotten themselves into;).
I had fifteen women there (including me) ranging from ages 14-80+, so quite a wide range! Here is the simple table decorations( the glass apple plates were doorprizes).
I felt this was a good kick-off to our Ladies ministry and see hope for the future.
Our next big projects will be getting the nursery better equipped, planning a Christmas party and Mother/Daughter/Friend banquet.

These are some of my Home&Garden candles and decor!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am having a ladies get-together on the 24th (it will be my first since moving here). So of course I am going nuts around here to have this house really finished. I finished painting the kitchen and put one more coat on the dining room the other day. Jeremiah's office is finally coming together,He has gotten a few shelves up. Since he quit working at the rent-a-center place he has more time to devote to the family and church business. He teaches nine music students (most our piano students, one violin, and one guitar) so far at a local music store. We are praying that God will provide more students to help our income also we need to get health insurance.
Jeremiah has been helping with Esther's homeschooling, which has freed me up to keep up the house; He has more patience anyway.
The other day he said the dreaded "B" word to me: BUDGET
But we really must tighten up (as much as I hate too) to make house payments and such.
Not that I squander money( I don't). I am a bargain shopper ( goodwill, discount stores, craigslist). But spending money is spending money!
I so enjoy beautifying the home (on the cheap of course),whereas my husband would be happy living in a cardboard box.
In Ca., we tried doing a budget, but we could never get it to work out right. Any way we did it there was always more going out than coming in! How was that possible?? The only answer we had was that God provided for our family through His people. AMEN!
I have no fear that it will be the same here.

Anyway, pray for me as I prepare for this Ladies meeting. I have already had many women tell me they are coming. I am doing an Apple harvest theme and have door prizes, so it will be fun.
Well, we are headed to OK. City for the weekend (Jeremiah is preaching at a Bible Conference at his parents church) and I must finish this post because I am not even packed yet!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seven Random Things about me

I am REALLY gonna have to think about this!!!

1. I once ran away to the county fair: We had done something to tick our Mother off that day and we were told that we could not go to the fair, which was only a few miles down the road. We took it upon ourselves to go anyway!
We didn't have any money to get in (I didn't say this was a well thought out plan!), but we met a couple from a neighboring church (they knew us because we sang at their church quite frequently)& they offered to pay our way in (never knowing they were aiding in our rebelliousness!). As we were sitting watching the demolition derby we heard our names over the load speaker and we knew death was imminent. We had worried our parents so much that they had even called the Police!!
I won't tell this one to my kids until they are married!!

2. My initials are KGB (Kristie Gail Blasi)if that says anything about my personality, oh boy!

3.I absolutely love to give gifts! I tend to go overboard and buy everybody and thier brother something for Christmas.

4. I do not like to follow directions: my husband hates this trait in me. I will skip steps just to make it faster. The only directions I DO follow are driving directions. I don't even like to wait for the water to boil , only for spaghetti--becuse my husband wants it "el dante".

5. My husband and I are book lovers. I have a lot of old books that my Nana gave me and I add to the collection whenever I find these old books at a reasonable price.
I have been known to buy blank books just because I love the crisp empty pages!

6.I absolutely love shrimp and am kinda addicted to it and order it at every restaraunt we go to. I especially love eating the tails while my husbands cringes.

7. I sing and whistle everywhere. It has become such a habit that I caught myself whistling during the church service along with the offertory or interlude.

Sorry this took so long Rachel!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Old Movies and Good Music

My husband introduced the kids the other day to the movie "The Fiddler on the Roof".
I think they have watched it about three times since then. The part they love the best is when the father sings "If I were a rich man"--they literally crack up!!
They also love Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Sound of Music and others.

We also sing alot in our family. It never fails when we get into the car, one of the older children will ask for me to put a CD on. It could be Patch the Pirate, Cedarmont kids or any of our many singing tapes. The older ones are able to sing in tune and it is wonderful to hear them sing songs about the Lord.
Evelyn is always jabbering some song of her own holding her tiny new testament in front of her.
These are the things that make you realize that the busy, crazy, hectic schedule; the repeating of the same rules over & over; the discipline, the tears, the heartaches and the joys are REALLY worth it!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oklahoma Bugs! UGH!

I hate bugs with the same passion that my husband loves snakes. My son, Enoch enjoys bringing all kinds of bugs into my home. I have enough bugs to deal within my home that I really don't need anymore brought in on purpose.

In OK. I have to deal with roaches and the occasional mouse. Daily, my son finds large crickets, fat toads, stick bugs, spiders and praying mantis' to become his pets. We need a normal pet around here, preferably of the four-legged kind.We have wolf spiders here--they look just like a terantula and they scare me to death!

This is the kind of spider( a garden spider) that my son found out side today that even he was afraid to catch--can't say as I blame him. After a quick call to my husband and a search on google; knowing this spider is harmless doesn't make me less afraid!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Home & Garden Party/ Homeschooling Rant

I have started a new venture. I may be insane to do this, but it is something I have thought of for several years. I have become a Home&Garden Party Designer!! The products are gorgeous and (the best part) functional.
You can get an idea by clicking on this link:
I have done a few things to earn money on the side : selling on craigslist, childcare, and house cleaning. Having my own business has been a dream of mine, also decorating is my passion (much to my husbands chagrin) I believe this is one way for me to have both. Everyone should have a hobby that takes them out of the norm of life, yet is something they immensely enjoy. This can relieve stress and help one to refocus after putting aside the normal routine for a time. Routines are wonderful, don't get me wrong---but there are times you have to step away from it all to see the real picture.

Amidst all these hats that I am wearing, I have now put on the homeschooling mom hat. I have asked my husband "Do you think I will be one of those weird homeschooling moms?" He just snorts and reassures me that I could never be like that. I hope I haven't offended anyone by these remarks. My husband was home schooled thru grade school & high school. I started to home school from fifth grade on. He can spot home-schoolers a mile away--there is just something about them. My husbands family were phenomenal in how they home schooled. The children did not stay in a cocoon, but were always broadening their view.
Jeremiah participated in 4-H, foreign exchange, music lessons, missions trips and that's just to name a few.
I have seen homeschooling families that looked like they came straight out of the 80's and if you don't do things like THEIR family does it then your probably not even saved!
These ideas are ridiculous and prideful.
I always enjoyed those times in chapel at Crown College when Pastor Sexton would explain to the men that being godly did not mean your wife had to dress plain..."seedy" was the word he used. Homeschooling parents who allow their children to get by with shoddy work bring a bad name on the whole community of home schoolers. Those kids can be dumb as pond water, but because they home schooled that puts them on a higher plain??!!
I could just go on and on about this subject,but I think I've done enough raving for one night.

Anyway, our home school adventure has begun as well. Esther had her first day(we are doing Bob Jones Computer school) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Pray that God will give me the patience that we need to get through this year. On a side note, Esther will also begin piano lessons. Each week we will drive to a Coweta Music Store and she will be taught by her own Father. We thought it would be nice to have it outside of home to give her variety.
She also wants to take up horseback riding. There is a place down the road that provides lessons, so I may look into it for a later date.
We have many things to look forward to in the days ahead.
Goodnight, Everybody!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Things I've Learned as a Mom

When you have your first child, life becomes all about that little one--everything is forgotten amidst the wonder of this precious little person you hold in your hand. Your previous scheduled life is obsolete. The house is a wreck, dishes are piled high and at the mere hint that the baby needed you-- nothing is laid at your charge.
But as you add to your brood, you learn how to cope with multiple tasks and still come out looking as fresh as Leave-it-to-Beaver's mom (most of the time).
Many times I have wondered will I ever get the ambition back that I held as banner during my teenage years or will I ever moments to myself??!!
Those moments have been rare or maybe I'm getting used (or tuning it out) to the chaos and busy life that have become normal to most every mom.

I have learned to have moments for myself even with the children near me:
1. While the kids are playing in the tub, give yourself a facial and read a book(in the bathroom, of course).

2. For years I would cringe when the children would ask to paint (I could see myself on hands and knees getting it out of the carpet and everywhere else). So I solved the dilemma by giving each child a paint brush and getting out the body lotion (bear with me). I get a book or magazine that I have been wanting to read, sit on the couch and allow the kids to use my legs as canvas!
It's a win-win situation: I get soft skin and they have fun painting mom! Sure there may be a few drops of lotion on the couch or carpet, but it is easily wiped away.

These are just two of the ways that I have "me" time along with the children--I want to hear what you do!!???

Friday, October 3, 2008

Busy, Busy

These past few weeks have been taken up with all sorts of activities that I have sorely neglected my blog over the last week and a half.
Esther turned six with just the relatives around her. And my husband was ordained.
I say this like it was small thing, but it was a momentous occasion. About ten local preachers came (some we had never met) to support and question him. They chose Bro. Forrest Keener to be the main speaker (i.e interrogator). I did not know until that morning that I, too, had to stand before the people. I simply had to give my testimony and explain what my role is as a wife to my husband. Jeremiah did quite well. He always has an air of confidence about him (which I admire), one that easily commands attention--this day was no different. Even with this confidence (you can't help but be confident when you are a genius as he is), I have always marveled at the great humility he possesses. He answered every question in depth and clarity--I was quite pleased.

We had a small party for Esther that same day at the park near our home--it was a fun and relaxing time for the whole family.
Both sides of the family had not seen each other since our wedding seven years previous--so I enjoyed watching thier interaction. Both Papas went to a local auction and brought me back all sorts of junk and I do mean that literally!! I know how hard it is to pass over a good deal (that blood flows in my veins), but junk will forever be just that. I did get a nice oil lamp out of the rubbish and a old vacuum that may still have some life in it and Jeremiah got an electric shoe-shiner out it as well.
I had a good visit with my family. Evelyn just loved Mema and continued to say her name over and over. We are so new to this area that we really don't know what kind of entertainment can be found here--so we were only able to take them a few places.
Dad insisted on renting a pontoon for four hrs on Lake Gibson. At first, I had misgivings : Little children, who can't sit still very long on a boat for four hrs and no restroom??!! But, I was so proud of the children. They were great and did well and we ended up having a wonderful time!
My computer is slow tonight--so I will post pics of the boat trip on another occasion.