Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pie, Prayer & Praise

We are having our first annual Pie, Prayer & Praise this coming Wednesday for Thanksgiving. It is more of a relaxed service because it is in the fellowship hall.
We don't provide nursery on that evening, so it really is a time for the family.
Everyone brings a pie or two, we give testimony (praise) of what the Lord has done for us this year, have prayer together and of course my husband will preach (he takes every opportunity!).
Pray that those that normally don't come on Wednesday will for this service. I put some cornicopias together (I'll have to post pics later).

What are you doing for Thanksgiving at your church?

Our New Addition!!!

After many months of searching, we have finally found a puppy!!!
He is a Pomapoo(Pomeranian/poodle mix). This dog does not shed (being part poodle) and will not get very big.
The kids love him already and he follows me around "like a puppy dog".
House-training is going well, but he does have his occasional accident. He loves to sleep in the bed and is always sleeping on my lap while I'm watching a movie or on the computer. I got him last Monday off of Craigslist (where else?) for thirty dollars. He is only four months old--so young enough for him to get used to rambunctious kids. My son wanted to call him "JonBaptist", but my husband felt it was the same as calling a dog Bible. So we have dubbed him "Spurgeon"---who was a great Baptist after all. Jokingly my husband said to name him Obama---but I said 'yeah right!" Here are a few pics of our pooch.

Thursday, November 13, 2008