Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It has been so long!!

Many things have happened since I last posted. I was kinda in a funk(changes can do that to a person). When we moved to Ca. it was very different for me and so hard to adjust. This move has been equally hard (maybe even harder). With so many adjustments(home school, new church, new area, new position, etc), I kinda went into a mental hole. My husband reminds me that it took a good year and a half to adjust to Cali, but I think we have a lot more added to the pile in this move (three kids, yada, yada). I am feeling more myself lately (though, I still have my moments) and doing more decorating in the house (which is a good sign)--that is therapy in itself.
I am working on establishing a schedule for our lives--I really think we can better utilize our time and accomplish more each day. Keep me in your prayers. I fight battles everyday; with my flesh and Satan.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year!

I am so excited about this new year. We have already had to begin the new year by replacing appliances!! This is the joy and trial of being a home-owner. My desk-top died--this is the one with ALL my pictures on it! Hopefully within a few months we will have it up and running.
My kitchen is coming together! When we came back from Virginia (from Christmas break) we brought everything back AND the kitchen sink...literally!
We had been looking to replace our stainless steel double sink because it was so shallow. My dad keeps while we were in Va. I asked him if he happened to have a double sink anywhere.......of course he did!!
It too was stainless-steel and a great deal deeper than our previous.
This past Saturday, Jeremiah spent all day installing the sink and putting in our brand-new dishwasher. I have been without a dishwasher for several months. As a young girl, doing dishes was my favorite chore. I would gaze out the kitchen window and day-dream about the future. It was a time of quiet that one does not get often in a family of five children.

But now that I am a married woman with three energetic children and tons of house-work to do, along with meals, homeschooling and being two steps ahead of the toddler----I do not have time to do the dishes by hand. With the all conveniences we have today, a woman's work had decreased a tad.
There is always plenty to do!!!
One thing our Dad taught us was a good work ethic.
Growing up, us kids joked that our middle name was "get-wood"! We had two wood-stoves and it was our job to load, stack and keep up the wood supply. Plus we had house chores. We also went to work with our Dad whenever he needed an extra hand and usually we would outwork his hired man!

Everything has its pros and cons. Because of this hard-work, I started going to the chiropractor at age sixteen. Unlike some women I can talk and work at the the same time----this helps pass the time :)
My hyperness was a curse when I worked at a grocery store in Knoxville, Tn (paying for my college), because they put me on express lane. I would not ring up beer or cigarettes; it really wasn't conducive to the management to be called up to the front every five minutes to ring it up for me but they obviously didn't care (oh well!).

I am so excited to see what is going to happen this year in our church, God is doing great things!