Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another 'E' is here!!!

May 26, 2010 at 4:23 pm, We added another 'E' to our brood! Ezra Paul weighed in at 7lbs 13 oun. and 20in long. The last few months of carrying him was hard on my body (the aches and painful contractions!)---so it was major relief to have him laying on my chest taking in the new world! He did have the cord around his neck toward the end--but once his mouth was suctioned and he gave the wail that is music to a Mother's ear (for that moment, anyway!).
Life has been chaotic(what's new!?), lately. Four children to look after as well as the regular household things to manage. People keep telling me to take it easy--I really don't see how that is possible. Hubby is gone everyday from 11am to 7:30pm or later. I have not been brave enough to take all four out at the same time, I suppose that will come sooner or later.
Right now I am either tethered to a suckling baby or the wall plug as I am pumping. Ezra was not up to his birth weight at two wks., so I have been doubly nursing and supplementing a little.
Here are some pictures of our sweet little boy!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Women: Natural Born Problem Solvers

Sleep is such an elusive creature in a mother's life. I can never get enough of it. When I do have the chance to sit (on the couch, in the car and in church), such force is needed to keep my head above water!
My mind can never rest. Even as I settle myself on the sofa to take a quick snooze in the afternoon; my mind is thinking of one hundred different ways to condense and organize--maximizing every space to its fullest.
I will think on this for days before I tackle a closet or an area in dire need of attention.

Problem solving people=stress filled people
If I have a problem (doesn't matter what it is), I will dwell on possible solutions for days or longer depending upon the situation.
I have had to learn, though, that there are problems that can never be solved: other people's lives, dust eradication (LOL), men and women's opposite way of thinking, etc.

Some situations are totally out of our control and have to be given to the Lord. Dwelling on things that are out of our hands can cause depression and a melancholy spirit. Trying to fix a person's life is asking for trouble and feelings of defeat.
I believe the Lord gives us unsolvable problems for the sole purpose of reminding us that we are finite and don't have all the answers (or advice, cute quip).

Women are more apt to be perpetual problem solvers ,because frankly we are good at it! The Lord will equip us as needed. But sometimes He lets our frustration keep us humbly at his feet and praise on our lips.

Friday, February 19, 2010


What a busy couple of weeks I have had! When I am not cleaning and organizing the home, my mind is constantly working out space solutions (especially since time is getting closer to having another child).
I was able to trade in two old car-seats and a bulky double stroller (at Babiesrus) for a newer car-seat for Evelyn and a bigger car-seat for Ezra when he grows out of the infant car-seat. I also bought a cute single stroller for him. Car-seats expire after five yrs and cannot be resold--so I was very glad to get 25% for these items!
We also stopped by build-a-bear so the children could make a stuffed animal for their new brother ( I had a coupon)--I know that will be something special for all of them to remember for years to come!

Today we went to the Tulsa Aquarium for Enoch's sixth Birthday. It is wonderful how the Lord works!! I won tickets to the aquarium for the whole family, by signing up for a couple of local drawings online! Enoch's favorite animal were the tiny turtles.
We met the in-laws for lunch and Enoch kept telling everybody who walked by that he was six!
Tomorrow is our church sweetheart banquet. Our people are spread all over so we are meeting at a restaurant in Coweta (the most central place I could find). I am praying for a good turn-out. I will have to post pics of the party favors later (I need to find an easier way to post pics--so if you have something that works well for you, let me know!).

Last Saturday, I took an all day concealed carry class in order to get my gun license. My husband took his shortly after we moved here and he was eager for me to take it as well. The dr. gave the go-ahead for me. I surprised myself in how well I shot, because I hadn't touched a gun in a long while. I had forgotten how much I did love to shoot, but it all came back to me as I became more comfortable with handling the pistol. Crime is increasing in our small town and Tulsa (only 40 min. away) has laid off 155 Police Officers. Since the beginning of the year there has already been 29 robberies--that is almost a whole month!!!
I am alone with three children for very long days and nights--so I think it is imperative to protect myself and my children. When I shop, it is usually alone. A distracted mother, a woman alone--these make for easy prey.
It is the right of every American citizen to bear arms, but many Americans don't take advantage of their rights.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings....

Things are slowly coming together in the house. I am definitely in nesting mode and will be more so as time gets closer to our second son being born.
I have been changing out old photo's for recent ones and doing a little decorating as I find things that suit me.
I am a thrift store junkie-I am also addicted to Craigslist and any discount store where I can get a bargain!! The Lord has provided many beautiful things from these avenues and kept us clothed with the local thrift stores in town.
I am going to try my hand at coupons. Those little pieces of paper have always daunted me. But I do want to be a good steward of what God has given our family.

Sunday we had a good time of fellowship with a pot-luck after church and communion in the late service. An answer to prayer came in the form of a lady joining the church! I am looking to the Lord to build our church and I am trusting that my husband will be the full-time pastor he desires to be very soon.

No matter what part of the country (or land) one lives in-- all Christians experience the same trials, failures, joys and successes. We are not alone, for God is our Refuge and Strength. He truly is that friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
I have heard many preacher's and missionary wives talk about the loneliness of the ministry and I have experienced it in small doses at various times in my life.
We WILL get hurt (and hurt others) and friends may forsake us. But I think it is imperative that we continue to be friends to others, no matter the outcome.
How easy it is to say this! But I know how difficult it is to do.

Soon I shall post pictures of the latest happenings, but for now I must ready myself for Mid-week services and wrangle the children to do the same.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life is it ever normal?!?

A mother's life is full of adjustments-the schedule has to be tweaked everyday. For the most part I have a schedule(though it is rarely set in stone) that I mentally follow. I was so overwhelmed with educating children, cleaning the home and keeping a toddler occupied, that for a time I gave up home-schooling and left it entirely to my husband. Horrible! ( I know you're thinking it, because I thought it myself). He is very capable at everything he does and that sometimes makes me feel inadequate.

Thankfully my husband also works a secular job (teaching music)in the afternoon and was able to take over the educating. Having that respite helped me to get healthy. My ovarian cysts were causing me much pain, my world was turned upside down--I felt I was losing the joy of living! I joined Curves and and still get there a few times throughout the week. Exercise helped me to meet other women in town and to regulate my imbalanced hormones--I finally felt pain free!!
Also we had a glorious blessing from college friends (in AK)! I have known we needed a new mattress for ages, but on my husband's preaching salary many things on the list have to wait and wait and WAIT!
The Lord is teaching me patience and trust (and I am still learning). Our friends sent us a mattress topper!! I cannot tell you the difference it has made with my back. Never waking up without pain was something I had kinda gotten used to for years.
I had had the same mattress topper in my basket for a long time--waiting for the money.
God has supplied our needs, maybe not in the time I wanted it, but he definitely has!
After getting my hormones on track with my Curves workout, needless to say I become pregnant with our fourth child!!
I have always wanted four (two girls and two boys, was my ideal) and that is exactly what we are getting! Our second son, Ezra Paul will be born at the end of May or early June of this year.
I have begun to help with the home-schooling again. The arrangement we have now is working for both of us. Jeremiah teaches my son in the morning (this boy is just like me and therefore we clash considerably!) and I teach my seven yr. old daughter during the other children's nap-time. She doesn't nap anymore (though, sometimes we snooze on the couch after our lessons) and this has been a fun time for both of us!

I am also trying to get into the ministry part again (that was neglected for a time as well) with having our first Ladies Meeting of the yr. soon (it was canceled in Jan. because of snow).
Having a fourth child in the home will upset things for a time, but I am confident things will get back to normal shortly after.

I still look for opportunities to make a little income on the side, but God has given my husband different avenues of making extra cash. Creating balloon animals, piano tuning, and instructor for gun name a few!
I am gonna work on couponing and I pray that will greatly help us!
Am I super mom or the Prov 31 woman? I don't think I can boast of that..but I take it one day at a time, one closet or drawer at time, one squabble, one temper tantrum (mine & the kids, lol!), one blessing, one disappointment, one triumph and one failure at a time.