Friday, February 19, 2010


What a busy couple of weeks I have had! When I am not cleaning and organizing the home, my mind is constantly working out space solutions (especially since time is getting closer to having another child).
I was able to trade in two old car-seats and a bulky double stroller (at Babiesrus) for a newer car-seat for Evelyn and a bigger car-seat for Ezra when he grows out of the infant car-seat. I also bought a cute single stroller for him. Car-seats expire after five yrs and cannot be resold--so I was very glad to get 25% for these items!
We also stopped by build-a-bear so the children could make a stuffed animal for their new brother ( I had a coupon)--I know that will be something special for all of them to remember for years to come!

Today we went to the Tulsa Aquarium for Enoch's sixth Birthday. It is wonderful how the Lord works!! I won tickets to the aquarium for the whole family, by signing up for a couple of local drawings online! Enoch's favorite animal were the tiny turtles.
We met the in-laws for lunch and Enoch kept telling everybody who walked by that he was six!
Tomorrow is our church sweetheart banquet. Our people are spread all over so we are meeting at a restaurant in Coweta (the most central place I could find). I am praying for a good turn-out. I will have to post pics of the party favors later (I need to find an easier way to post pics--so if you have something that works well for you, let me know!).

Last Saturday, I took an all day concealed carry class in order to get my gun license. My husband took his shortly after we moved here and he was eager for me to take it as well. The dr. gave the go-ahead for me. I surprised myself in how well I shot, because I hadn't touched a gun in a long while. I had forgotten how much I did love to shoot, but it all came back to me as I became more comfortable with handling the pistol. Crime is increasing in our small town and Tulsa (only 40 min. away) has laid off 155 Police Officers. Since the beginning of the year there has already been 29 robberies--that is almost a whole month!!!
I am alone with three children for very long days and nights--so I think it is imperative to protect myself and my children. When I shop, it is usually alone. A distracted mother, a woman alone--these make for easy prey.
It is the right of every American citizen to bear arms, but many Americans don't take advantage of their rights.

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morepreciousthangold said...

So happy you have gotten back to blogging! I haven't stopped by here in a while..glad I did and found you had found some time to post. Hope the pregnancy is going smoothly and you are staying sane! :)