Friday, February 26, 2010

Women: Natural Born Problem Solvers

Sleep is such an elusive creature in a mother's life. I can never get enough of it. When I do have the chance to sit (on the couch, in the car and in church), such force is needed to keep my head above water!
My mind can never rest. Even as I settle myself on the sofa to take a quick snooze in the afternoon; my mind is thinking of one hundred different ways to condense and organize--maximizing every space to its fullest.
I will think on this for days before I tackle a closet or an area in dire need of attention.

Problem solving people=stress filled people
If I have a problem (doesn't matter what it is), I will dwell on possible solutions for days or longer depending upon the situation.
I have had to learn, though, that there are problems that can never be solved: other people's lives, dust eradication (LOL), men and women's opposite way of thinking, etc.

Some situations are totally out of our control and have to be given to the Lord. Dwelling on things that are out of our hands can cause depression and a melancholy spirit. Trying to fix a person's life is asking for trouble and feelings of defeat.
I believe the Lord gives us unsolvable problems for the sole purpose of reminding us that we are finite and don't have all the answers (or advice, cute quip).

Women are more apt to be perpetual problem solvers ,because frankly we are good at it! The Lord will equip us as needed. But sometimes He lets our frustration keep us humbly at his feet and praise on our lips.

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