Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another 'E' is here!!!

May 26, 2010 at 4:23 pm, We added another 'E' to our brood! Ezra Paul weighed in at 7lbs 13 oun. and 20in long. The last few months of carrying him was hard on my body (the aches and painful contractions!)---so it was major relief to have him laying on my chest taking in the new world! He did have the cord around his neck toward the end--but once his mouth was suctioned and he gave the wail that is music to a Mother's ear (for that moment, anyway!).
Life has been chaotic(what's new!?), lately. Four children to look after as well as the regular household things to manage. People keep telling me to take it easy--I really don't see how that is possible. Hubby is gone everyday from 11am to 7:30pm or later. I have not been brave enough to take all four out at the same time, I suppose that will come sooner or later.
Right now I am either tethered to a suckling baby or the wall plug as I am pumping. Ezra was not up to his birth weight at two wks., so I have been doubly nursing and supplementing a little.
Here are some pictures of our sweet little boy!